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The Tale of MMs on the Hospital Floor free essay sample

Why am I crying? I mean, I’m barely three years old am I always expected to provide a legitimate reason? Something really bad must have happened, though, considering I’m sure I was so cheerful a couple minutes ago when the nice nurse gave me some candy. What would Blue’s Clues do in this situation? Just this morning, I watched Blue help his friends find things they’ve lost. I start humming the song he sang through the television: â€Å"go back, go back, go back to where you were!† So, I go back and assess my surroundings. I’m still in the stale-smelling hospital daddy rushed us to this morning. Somewhere, not too far I hope, my mommy and her big tummy are waiting for my baby sister to show up. Hospitals are a little weird, but everyone here keeps telling me that being a big sister is, like, the coolest thing ever, so I guess it’s okay. We will write a custom essay sample on The Tale of MMs on the Hospital Floor or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Now that I’ve remembered where I am, I look down at the white linoleum floors. Millions of gazillions of mini MM’s lie scattered around my sneakers. Seeing all the beautiful Elmo-colored, Big Bird-colored, Oscar-colored, and Cookie Monster-colored candies sparkling on the floor made me forget why I was crying in the first place. Boy, do I wish I was watching Sesame Street. I turn my attention to the empty MM’s container laying limp in my palm. I start to tear up again. Instead of filling up my tummy and turning my tongue Sesame Street-colored they’re wasting away on the floor. The combination of three-year-old sniffled cries and rattling of fallen rainbow drops finally catches the attention of some nurses. I frantically try to clean up the shiny, candy-splattered hospital floors. Go back, go back, go back to where you were! I still repeat these words to myself fourteen years later. My food memory, as I like to call it, helps me take a step back into my identity. There was never a time when food didn’t play this major role in my life. I remember my toddler years by chopped up tomatoes in a highchair, a barbie princess birthday cake, and an undercooked chicken cutlet. I remember my dog stealing string-cheese out of my hand and walking to Joanne’s Pizza multiple nights a week, yet I can’t alone remember the name of my pre-school teacher or my first hit in softball. Now, however, when my family sits down for some of Mom’s baked ziti, I consciously do something my mind did un-consciously my whole life: store the memories of everything we laughed over at dinner right beside the zesty blend of ricotta cheese and pasta sauce. Almost everything I’ve experienced, both good and bad, goes hand-in-hand with some sort of food-related anecdote. And, so, whenever the conversation of my sisters birth arises, Im prepared and eager to share The Tale of MMs on the Hospital Floor. By defining life’s â€Å"bad eggs† by food, I am able to remember breaking my wrist at age seven by the gooey s’mores I devoured that day, instead of the pain. This, I feel, is why I’m always able to stand back up when life boils over. Sometimes when I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth, I’d rather grab a chocolate chip cookie that takes me back to a time when I was really happy or proud of myself than dwell in negativity. By doing this, I don’t let the little things get me down. If I feel like I’ve fallen off track, or lost my momentum or something, I just remind myself to go back to where I was.

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Facial Recognition essays

Facial Recognition essays Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Software. Crime fighting tools Since the birth of the digital age, the rapidly changing technology of computers is allowing people to perform tasks that once were performed manually and took several hours, if not days to complete. From the average person using a computer to order goods through the internet to Law Enforcement Agencies using computers to help apprehend violent criminals and foreign , computers and computer software has changed the way we live and perform everyday tasks. In any society, there will always be a criminal element trying to elude the law. Early methods consisted of sketching suspects and having their images printed on wanted posters to be displayed in public. This early method gave the public a visual image of the wanted person and made it more difficult for them to carry on with their illegal activities without being noticed by someone. This method wasnt always the most accurate because innocent people who slightly resembled the accused could be apprehended and jailed wrongfully. Years later, other methods would be developed could accurately identify a suspect and link him to a crime. One of the most accurate methods was fingerprint identification. Fingerprints could be collected from a crime scene and stored for later comparison when a suspect was apprehended. Because every person has a unique set of fingerprints, wrongful identification was greatly reduced and the strong evidence was directly linked to the guilty. Other methods would follow over the years but fingerprint identification would remain as the most solid form of identification. In the 70s, with computer technology changing rapidly and criminals becoming more dangerous, the FBI started looking into methods of storing fingerprints digitally in order to share them with other agencies across the country. This system would come to be known as AFIS (Automate ...

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Utility of Concept of Marketing to Organizations Essay

Utility of Concept of Marketing to Organizations - Essay Example It also represents the smooth interface between the flow of goods and services for development of a positive business environment. The study will deal with the importance of marketing in the development of business strategies and also other relative business activities within the organizations. It will also highlight the various concepts of marketing which are useful in starting a business and other relative business marketing activities. Finally, the study will conclude the impact of marketing on the activities conducted by the organizations. The concept of marketing helps the organization reaching their goals in a systematic manner also with the intention of creation of customer value. Marketing has not only helped the profit oriented organizations but also to the nonprofits organizations and libraries to large extent to contribute considerably to the benefits of the society. It has supported the organizations to accomplish their goals with the incorporation of marketing concepts a nd the implementation of marketing techniques. Unlike the traditional marketing concepts the modern marketing lays emphasis on the customer needs through the incorporation of various technologies. The concepts of marketing have helped the organizations to identify the marketing techniques to which it can helps in restructuring, orientation of the organization. ... For example the production department of the organization needs the concepts of marketing for the smooth physical distribution of goods and services (Gilbert, 2008). These help in the solving problem related to inventory control, cost minimization and that too within certain limits. It terms of distribution purposes and is solely responsible for the sales response to the company stimuli and also focuses on target markets and buying behaviour. The inclusion of concepts of marketing in providing specialised customer service helps in the goals and objectives, establish the interdependence of physical distribution and marketing (Gupta, 2009). Certain marketing concepts like segmentation, positioning, targeting, exchange transactions, relationships and networks, marketing channels, supply chain and completion help the organization for improvisation overall. This concept assists the organization in several ways for the process of quality control, service and product development by taking i nto account the customer needs and services, awareness of their services etc. It also helps in determining and evaluation of the appropriateness of the existing activity that leads to the development of the product and services. Implementation of the marketing activities help in the business, profit and non profit oriented organizations. However, the manager need to utilize and comprehend certain components of marketing theory which help then in realizing the differences and also the distinguishing between different marketing concepts for selling, promotion, public relations and other functional aspects that are an integral part of the marketing process. It helps in the total contribution of the marketing implementation activities which contribute to the overall

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Class objectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Class objectives - Essay Example With all that power, marketing is a subject worthy of serious study. One of the most important things marketers can do, and one of the things I wish to learn the most about, is the building of relationships with customers. Many companies succeed in the marketplace because they are able to develop and sustain relationships with consumers in a way that makes consumers feel as though they are part of a family. This is partly done by concerning a company with their consumers satisfaction. Marketing is about playing into peoples' dreams and expectations of their own lives. The more that a company understands their customers desires and wishes, as well as underlying factors such as demographics and income levels, the easier it is to build that relationship through marketing. Marketing is an important part of our lives. To know the forces that help to dictate our choices in the marketplace, it is important to understand how marketing works. That is my main objective in taking this course.

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Abstract Data Structures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Abstract Data Structures - Essay Example In fact, the majority of object-oriented programming languages encompass the characteristics of user defined abstract data types. For example in C++ this operation can be performed by using a class that has no protected/public data members (simply private), nor some techniques, nor friends that return references/pointers to some of the private fields (C2, 2008). This paper presents an overview of various abstract data structures that are used in computing. An Overview of Abstract Data Type The design of a computer program can be made much easier and simpler by making use of the abstract data structures. In this scenario, the program’ data and information can be arranged into  abstract data structures  (or simply ADS). For instance, we can use arrays (where an array is a set or sequence of consecutive memory locations that has the same name and same type) to form a table that has 3 columns and an undefined number of rows, in the scenario of an  array  with 2 dimensions: 1-a huge amount of rows, and 2three columns. In addition, a vital characteristic of contemporary computer programs is the capacity to operate abstract data structures with measures or techniques that are pre-defined by the software designer or programmer. However, for this purpose data structure should be used cautiously, with consideration, and in detail. (Schmalz, 2007). Sometimes the term ‘abstract data structure’ is used  in place of abstract data type. The basic idea here is that we are involved in the real structures to store data. In this scenario, the one most simple abstract data structure is the  Linked List. Basically, a linked list is described through the techniques that are applied on it, which includes  tail,  head, cons  and is-empty. In addition, a list based data structure is an ordered linear structure. In this scenario, its head is the initial element in line; list data structure tail is the list composed of all the elements besides the fi rst. The cons of an element of a list is the list data structure whose head is that element, as well as whose tail is the unique list. Moreover, a list can be empty; in that scenario it could generate an error if someone attempts to access its tail or head; however an element can be considered to it to have a new list (Huntbach, 1999). What is Abstraction? The fundamental idea of abstraction is that a data type should be described simply in the form of processes that are applicable on objects of its kind, not in scenario of how the category is applied on a real computer (for example, an array or a stack). In this scenario, the objects of a specific category are built and checked simply through processes calls that raise the access functions for that particular type. In addition, it allows the programmers to change the data type without making any change outside the module of code in which that type is defined. Moreover, a common instance of an abstract data structure is a stack. In this case functions can be performed to generate an empty stack, to drive values onto a stack, as well as to pop values from a stack (BookRags, Inc., 2012). Main Features and importance for Computing From the perspective of abstract data structures, an abstract class is a class that does not encompass an application for one or more techniques. In fact, the abstract data structures do not have any direction of what to perform in response of a call to the process that is abstract. In addition, in order to generate an object for the abstract class we need to generate a real subclass and create an object for it to access it (GeekInterview, 2007; BookRags, Inc., 2012; C2, 2008). Additionally, an abstract class

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Concepts of Money Measurement

Concepts of Money Measurement Business Entity Concept can also be known as separate entity concept. A business entity concept is the financial activities are record distinct from the people who finance it such as owners, creditors, customers, and employers. The accounting records reflect the financial activities of a specific corporate entity. So, the business should separately from the proprietor or investor. When the profit is return in to the business, the profit must be taken into account. For example, the sole trader invests available funds in the market share account. These available funds are not affecting the financial status of the business itself. Money Measurement Concept Money Measurement Concept is expressed in monetary term. Every transaction is records in terms of money. If the transaction cannot be measured in monetary term, then the transaction cannot be taken into account. Going Concern Concept Going concern concept is the business that expected that a business will continue to operate its business for the next 12 months or next accounting period. This concept assumes that the business is going on steadily training for year to year without reducing its operation. When an enterprise liquidates or scale down a part of operation of the enterprise, the ability of the enterprise to continue as going concern concept is not impaired normally. Materiality Concept This materiality concept is refers to purposes paying attention to important events and ignoring insignificant accounting items as well as suggests small aster purchases or improvements should be initially written off as an expense. Prudence concept Prudence concept is taking a proper caution in measuring profit and income. Prudence must be exercised when preparing financial statements because of the uncertainty surrounding many transactions. In this concept, income should not be anticipated at all possible losses should be provided for. a.) Give FOUR reasons why depreciation may occur. The definition of the depreciation is refers to noncash expense that reduces the value of an asset as a result of wear and tear, age, or obsolescence. Most assets lose their value over time and must be replaced once the end of their useful life is reached. The main reason of the depreciation is due to the physical wear and tear and the passage of time. For example, the value of the car is reduced over time as new model is introduced to the market, or the value of used motor vehicles is lower than a similar model but new motor vehicles. The second reason is obsolescence of the asset. For instance, the old machine in a factory is become more obsolescence due to time that the machine used. After many years, the value of the machine is depreciated because the residual or scrap value of the asset and similar new machine is come out in the market. The third reason is passage of time. Some assets diminish in value on account of sheer passage of time, even though they are not used. For example, the patent rights, copy rights and lease hold property. The forth reason is depletion of the asset. The depletion is to provide for the consumption on charge against earnings, based on the amount of wasting natural resources that are taken out of total available reserves during an accounting period. 2 b.) A firm buys a motor vehicles in January 20X5 for RM10,000. Calculate the annual depreciation for the first four years using. Reducing Balance Method, at an annual rate of 20%. Reducing Balance Method: Depreciation: Reduced Balance: Year 1 (20X5) 20% x RM 10,000 = RM 2,000 (RM 10,000 2,000) = RM 8,000 Year 2 (20X6) 20% x RM 8,000 = RM 1,600 (RM 8,000 1,600) = RM 6,400 Year 3 (20X7) 20% x RM 6,400 = RM 1,280 (RM 6,400 1,280) = RM 5,120 Year 4 (20X8) 20% x RM 5,120 = RM 1,024 (RM5, 120 1,024) = RM 4,096 Straight Line Method, if the vehicle is to be sold in four years time for RM2,000. Straight Line Method: Depreciation per year = = = RM 2,000 Dt Motor Vehicle account Ct ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   RM ÂÂ   ÂÂ   RM 20X5 20X5 Jan 1 Bank 10,000 Dec 31 Balance c/d 10,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X6 20X6 Jan 1 Balance b/d 10,000 Dec 31 Balance c/d 10,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X7 20X7 Jan 1 Balance b/d 10,000 Dec 31 Balance c/d 10,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X8 20X8 Jan 1 Balance b/d 10,000 Dec 31 Balance c/d 10,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   Dt Provision for Depreciation on Vehicle Ct ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   RM ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   RM 20X5 20X5 Dec 31 Balance c/d 2,000 Dec 31 Profit Loss A/C 2,000 ÂÂ   20X6 20X6 Dec 31 Balance c/d 4,000 Jan 1 Balance b/d 2,000 Dec 31 Profit Loss A/C 2,000 4,000 4,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X7 20X7 Dec 31 Balance c/d 6,000 Jan 1 Balance b/d 4,000 Dec 31 Profit Loss A/C 2,000 6,000 ÂÂ   6,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X8 20X8 Dec 31 Balance c/d 8,000 Jan 1 Balance b/d 6,000 Dec 31 Profit Loss A/C 2,000 8,000 ÂÂ   8,000 Profit Loss Account ( extract ) for the year ended 31 December ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X5 20X6 20X7 20X8 Operating expenses : RM RM RM RM Depreciation of Motor Vehicle 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 Balance Sheet ( extract ) as at 31 December ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   20X5 20X6 20X7 20X8 Fixed Assets RM RM RM RM Motor Vehicle, at cost 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 Less : Provision for depreciation 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 Net book value 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   Calculate the cost of raw materials issued from the following data using : DATE PURCHASES SALES JAN 15 units x RM 10.00 FEB 10 units x RM 10.50 APRIL 20 units x RM 25.00 JUN 8 units x RM 11.00 AUG 10 units x RM 25.00 SEPT 20 units x RM12.00 NOV 13 units x RM 25.00 a.) LIFO method Date Purchases Cost of goods sold Balance Jan 15units x RM 10 15units x RM 10 = RM 150 Feb 10units x RM10.50 10units x RM 10.50 = RM 105 TOTAL 25 units @ RM 225 April 10units x RM10.50 10units x RM 10 10units x RM10.50 = RM105 10units x RM 10 = RM100 TOTAL 5 units x RM10 = RM 50 Jun 8 units x RM11 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 TOTAL 5 units x RM10 = RM 50 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 13 units @ RM 138 August 8 units x RM 11 2 units x RM 10 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 2 units x RM 10 = RM 20 10 units @ RM 108 TOTAL 3 units x RM 10 = RM 30 Sept 20 units x RM 12 20 units x RM 12 = RM 240 TOTAL 3 units x RM 10 = RM 30 20 units x RM 12 = RM 240 23 units @ RM 270 Nov 13 units x RM 12 13 units x RM 12 = RM 156 Closing stock 3 units x RM 10 = RM 30 7 units x RM 12 = RM 84 10 units @ RM 114 Sales = ( 20 units + 10 units + 13 units ) x RM 25 = RM 1075 Cost of goods sold = (10units x RM10.50) + (10units x RM 10 ) + (8 units x RM 11 ) + (2 units x RM 10 ) + ( 13 units x RM 12 ) = RM 105 + RM 100 + RM 88 + RM 20 + RM 156 = RM 469 GROSS PROFIT =Sales Cost of Goods Sold = RM1075 RM469 = RM606 b.) FIFO method Date Purchase Cost of goods sold Balance Jan 15 units x RM 10 15 units x RM 10 = RM 150 Feb 10 units x RM 10.50 10 units x RM 10.50= RM 105 TOTAL 25 units @ RM155 April 15 units x RM 10 5 units x RM 10.50 15 units x RM 10 = RM 150 5 units x RM 10.50= RM 52.50 20 units @ RM 202.50 TOTAL 5 units x RM 10.50 = RM 52.50 Jun 8 units x RM 11 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 TOTAL 5 units x RM 10.50 = RM 52.50 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 13 units @ RM 140.50 August 5 units x RM 10.50 5 units x RM 11 5 units x RM 10.50 = RM 52.50 5 units x RM 11 = RM 55 10 units @ RM 107.50 TOTAL 3 units x RM 11 = RM 33 Sept 20 units x RM 12 20 units x RM 12 = RM 240 TOTAL 3 units x RM 11 = RM 33 20 units x RM 12 = RM 240 23 units @ RM273 Nov 3 units x RM 11 10 units x RM 12 3 units x RM 11 = RM 33 10 units x RM 12 = RM 120 13 units @ RM 153 Closing stock 10 units x RM 12 = RM 120 Sales = ( 20 units + 10 units + 13 units ) x RM 25 = RM 1075 Cost of goods sold = ( 15 units x RM 10 ) + ( 5 units x RM 10.50 ) + ( 5 units x RM 10.50 ) + ( 5 units x RM 11 ) + ( 3 units x RM 11 ) + ( 10 units x RM 12 ) = RM 150 + RM 52.50 + RM 52.50 + RM 55 + RM 33 + RM 120 = RM 463 GROSS PROFIT =Sales Cost of Goods Sold =RM1075 RM463 =RM612 c.) Average cost method Date Purchases Cost of goods sold Balance Jan 15 units x RM 10 15 units x RM 10 = RM 150 Feb 10 units x RM 10.50 10 units x RM 10.50 = RM 105 WAVCO 15 units x RM 10 = RM 150 10 units x RM 10.50 = RM 105 25 units @ RM 225 = RM 10.20 / units April 20 units x RM 10.20 20 units x RM 10.20 = RM 204 TOTAL 5 units x RM 10.20 = RM 51 Jun 8 x RM 11 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 WAVCO 5 units x RM 10.20 = RM 51 8 units x RM 11 = RM 88 13 units @ RM 139 = RM 10.69 / units August 10 units x RM 10.69 10 units x RM 10.69 = RM 106.90 TOTAL 3 units x RM 10.69 = RM 32.07 Sept 20 units x RM 12 20 units x RM 12 = RM 240 WAVCO 3 units x RM 10.69 = RM 32.07 20 units x RM 12 = RM 240 23 units @ RM 272.07 = RM 11.83 / units Nov 13 units x RM 11.83 13 units x RM 11.83 = RM 153.79 Closing stock 10 units x RM 11.83 = RM 118.30 Sales = ( 20 units + 10 units + 13 units ) x RM 25 = RM 1075 Cost of Goods Sold = ( 20 units x RM 10.20 ) + ( 10 units x RM 10.69 ) + (13 units x RM 11.83 ) = RM 204 + RM 106.90 + RM 153.79 = RM 464.69 GROSS PROFIT =Sales Cost of Goods Sold = RM1075 RM 464.69 = RM 610.31 5a.) Explain clearly the difference between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure. Capital expenditure is acquired to be used in business operation to generate revenue for a period of more than one year. Capital expenditure is the money that spends on buying asset. For instance, office equipment and motor vehicle are the examples of the capital expenditure. Capital expenditure also can be considered as the useful economic life of the asset. Therefore, the expenditure incurred is allocated over the period it is used to match the revenue earned. On the other hand, revenue expenditure are incur in the current year in the business operation. The revenue expenditure is the expenditure on the wages, premises, and utility bills. Therefore, the revenue expenditure need to written off to the profit and loss account in the year in order to measure the profit or loss. This is an accounting concept termed matching and accruals concept. Revenue expenditure also is the money that spends to obtain the use of the asset and maintain the dairy operation of the business. b.) Classify the following items as capital or revenue expenditure. i .) Cost of new machinery Capital expenditure ii . ) Petrol and oil for the motor vehicle Revenue expenditure iii . ) Wages of office staff Revenue expenditure iv . ) Extension of factory Capital expenditure v . ) Repainting office Revenue expenditure vi . ) Cost of road tax and insurance for new van Capital expenditure vii . ) Cost of road tax and insurance for existing van Revenue expenditure viii . ) Repair and maintenance of existing van Revenue expenditure ix . ) Legal fees paid in connection with factory extension Revenue expenditure x . ) Cost of painting firms name on new van Capital expenditure Bibliography Internet sources Wikipedia 2009, Entity concept, 5 Dec, viewed by 3 July 2010 2010, business entity concept, viewed by 18 June 2010 Tutor2u, accounting concept and conventions, viewed by 18 June 2010 Anil Kumar Gupta 2007, Depreciation, Causes of Depreciation, Need for Provision of Depreciation , 2 June ,viewed by 18 June 2010

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American Religion in Long Days Journey into Night Essay -- Long Days

American Religion in Long Days Journey into Night      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The modernist sentiments throughout Long Days Journey into Night, by Eugene O'Neill, are apparent in many different ways.   Among the methods he used was the portrayal of America's withdrawal from traditional religion and modes of behavior.   He used his immigrant Irish family, the Tyrones, as a pedestal for this idea by highlighting their departure from traditional Irish beliefs and their struggle to form new, uniquely American, ones.   O'Neill did this by repeatedly evoking a drastic difference between his character's conduct and their Irish Catholic counterparts.   He replaced the main tenets of the Catholic faith, communion and confession, with entirely new ones. While the Tyrone family was busy forging new American spirituality, the author was bringing about the birth of truly American drama.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Tyrone family made the choice to renounce their old ties and form new ones, with differing amounts of success.   This meant a severing from the Catholic faith community, leaving a social void that they tried to fill with drugs and money.   James Tyrone, the father, sold himself out early on when he opted to act for money rather that for the sake of art.   His sons Jamie and Edmond also turned away from the Church by shrouding their lives in alcohol and whores.   Lastly, their mother Mary Tyrone had effectively excommunicated herself by marrying a disreputable actor and turning to morphine to solve her problems.   I am not sure if in the end their gods matched up to their ... ...w chosen religion, no longer an Irishman but an American.        Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The day was a journey from of external versus internal spirituality but also of internal versus external influence on American theater.   By using themes of immigration and social integration, O'Neill broke away from European theater influence and created an entirely new class of theater: American.   And while he borrowed ideas from the Greek and Shakespearean theater, he combined them with a new setting and audience to form an entirely new art form.   Just as the Tyrones could never fully leave behind Ireland, O'Neill could not entirely leave behind Europe.   Instead, the author and his characters took their existing belief/theater structure and adapted it to a new country, while making it their own.

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A research paper on cocaine Essay

Grown in the countries of South America, with Columbia being the most productive, the Erythroxylon Coca bush is the natural origin of cocaine, a central nervous stimulant. Its history is as rich and diverse as the people using and dealing the drug. Cocaine use dates as far back as the 16th century when it was used among Inca royalty. In the early 1800’s cocaine was introduced to Europe. Sigmond Freud wrote a song in its honor and famous author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote â€Å"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† during a six -day cocaine binge. In the early 1900’s cocaine was available to consumers over the counter. Its medicinal value was a relief for toothaches and congestion. Parke Davis advised their consumers of the effects of cocaine by stating that it â€Å"could make the coward brave, the silent eloquent, and render the sufferer insensitive to pain†. The use of cocaine found its way into other products like wine and the most famous of all, Coca Cola. Early production of Coca Cola contained 60mg of cocaine. Today, the popular soft drink still uses the leaves of the Coco Bush for flavor but the illicit drug has been removed ( The resurrection of cocaine use as a recreational drug began in the 1960’s, and was used mostly among the affluent because of its price. Movie stars, sport stars and the like give cocaine its mystique and draw; psychological and physical effects make it addictive. Changes in form and price make cocaine far more accessible and affordable. Today, there is no clear connection between the use of cocaine and education, occupation or socioeconomic status. Cocaine is generally sold as a hydrochloride salt, a fine white powder substance that is commonly referred to as â€Å"snow†, â€Å"coke† or â€Å"blow†. Street dealers of cocaine commonly dilute, or â€Å"cut† the drug with similar looking substances like talcum powder or with active local anesthetics and even sometimes with other stimulants like amphetamines. The purity of street cocaine, powder form, is about 75 percent. When the impurities of this form are removed, it is known as â€Å"freebase† or â€Å"crack† cocaine. â€Å"Crack† cocaine  is easier to find and less expensive to buy. Cocaine in any form can be found in almost every town and city. Research studies done in 1999 showed cocaine is used by over 3.7 million Americans 12 years old and over, with the highest rate among people 18 and 25 years of age. The use among people 35 years and older also continues to rise ( The effects of cocaine depend on the route of administration, the amount of consumption, the user’s past experience, and the circumstances under which its taken. The major routes of administration are snorting, injecting, and smoking. Snorting is inhaling the powder form through the nasal cavity. The drug enters the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. Injecting cocaine is using a syringe to release the drug directly into the bloodstream. Smoking cocaine is inhaling the cocaine vapors or smoke delivering large quantities to the lungs where it then enters the bloodstream as quickly as injecting. Cocaine interferes with the re-absorption process of dopamine that is a chemical messenger of pleasure to the brain. The effects are instant and intense but not long lasting ( The short -term effects usually make the user fell euphoric, energetic, and alert to their senses. It can decrease your anxiety and heighten your sexuality. Crack users have described the rush as a â€Å"whole body orgasm.† Or, a user can feel anxious or panic-stricken. The drug is a parody of heaven and hell. Often times the cocaine user craves other drugs. These symptoms appear quickly and disappear within a few minutes or a few hours. Physically, a person’s blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing accelerate, along with pupil dialation. In larger amounts the side effects intensify. The â€Å"high† might include feelings of paranoia, vertigo, and muscle twitches and physically a user might experience chest pains, nausea, blurred vision. Over time with continued use, the effects of cocaine gradually change. Irritability, restlessness, insomnia and paranoia replace the euphoria. Physically, the long- term user will lose interest in sex and lose weight. Those who snort the drug wear out their nasal septum while those who inject it risk the chance of contracting hepatitis or AIDS. Cocaine related deaths  are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizures followed by respiratory arrest. Over time, to the user’s tolerance, the drug will build. To achieve the same effects as that of early usage requires larger doses of the drug. The user becomes psychologically dependent. The drug becomes pivotal to their thoughts, feelings and their daily activities. â€Å"Cocaine just made you feel really good. Then after you get done feeling really good then you start to get a Superman ego and that’s the beginning of the end.† (â€Å"Drug Wars†; A Frontline, PBS Production) Often times, cocaine addicts develop an illicit lifestyle to keep up with their drug habit. Cocaine’s influence leads a user to stealing from family, friends and even employers. The lifestyle of addicts becomes as corrupt as the organizations that produce and supply the product. Cocaine’s addiction has two sides: the love of the high and the love of the money. The US Government has estimated that cocaine trafficking takes nearly $80 billion a year out of our economy. In 1990, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) estimated about 20 Colombian organizations controlled most of America’s cocaine supply. Annual revenues of the Colombian drug trade have been estimated to be 5 billion dollars. The drug cartels existing today control every phase of the drug trafficking business. They manufacture, transport, distribute, and finance cocaine. Like many large corporations, the business involves bankers, accountants, and lawyers, wholesalers and retailers. More special to this business the cartel â€Å"payroll† also includes chemists, pilots and enforcers of security ( The cartels are structured in layers, at the center is the cartel manager or â€Å"kingpin†. Information shared among the members of the cartel is highly secularized. Only a choice few are privy to all the workings of the cartel. Those employees holding positions in the outer layers of the organization (the lawyers, accountants, bankers, and enforcers) reap the financial benefits of serving their bosses but are strictly put on a need to know basis. Cartels operating in the United States are referred to as â€Å"cells† which are â€Å"self contained organized units.† The Medillin Cartel was the first known, successful cartel of cocaine  traffickers coming from Colombia. It was established in 1978 and lead by Carlos Lehder. It used violence and intimidation to stay one step ahead of the justice system. The cartel bribed police officers with money or threatened them with death if they did not honor the cartel and look the other way when they did business. The Medellin Cartel was taken down in March of 1984. Carlos Lehder was arrested in 1987, tried in the United States and sentenced to 135 years without the possibility of parole. George Jung’s, the Medillin Cartel’s American contact, testimony against Lehder assured his conviction. In the 1990’s, on the heels of the Medillin, came the Cali Cartel. They are responsible for 70-80 percent of the cocaine coming into the United States and 90 percent of that entering Europe. Instead of violence and intimidation like their counter parts, the Cali operated their business using a subtle approach. Law enforcement has had difficulty in closing the Cali operations for many reasons. Their structure is different from that of the Medillin, as is their methods of smuggling. They are much more conservative. They only sell to people they know. The â€Å"home office,† which is the CEO and vice presidents, coordinate the cells. The cells contact the buyers usually by cellular phone or pager and arrange the time and place to distribute the drugs. Payment is made at the second meeting. When the deal is done, the home office is contacted and accurate records are kept by both ( While the Colombians may monopolize the cocaine market, there are similar organizations in other countries. The Triads and Tongs of China, La Compania of Cuba, and the Yakuza of Japan are some other major drug trafficking organizations. They have successfully invested into legitimate American business. The one thing they all have in common: United States of America as a client base ( Cocaine touches many people on a variety of levels. It can completely change a person’s personality, for the worse. It spins a web of deceit and destruction. Physically and mentally the drug tricks you from recognizing reality. Euphoria tricks you into believing that the high is good, all the while the time bomb is ticking. Blowing up your mind is just a matter of time. Works Cited Bailey, William J. Factline on Cocaine. 1995: Heller, Matthew. â€Å"Addicted to Love.† Los Angeles Magazine. Sept. 1999. No Author Given. No Author Given.

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The Effect Of Outdoor Play On Children Young People Essay Example

The Effect Of Outdoor Play On Children Young People Essay Example The Effect Of Outdoor Play On Children Young People Essay The Effect Of Outdoor Play On Children Young People Essay The purpose of this undertaking is to research the consequence of out-of-door drama on kids s societal, emotional and physical development. Harmonizing to Bruce ( 2004 ) drama is likely one of the least understood facets of an early-childhood practician s work ( p.135 ) . The conceptualization of drama is shared by many other early childhood practicians for whom drama is considered indispensable, as an activity advancing acquisition ( p.135 ) . Outdoor drama is a much needed activity in the early childhood. You may hold come across a kid playing and you are certain he/she is holding a merriment clip. Therefore, drama is the edifice block of a kid s rational accomplishments. Through drama kid develops societal, emotional and physical accomplishments. The out-of-doorss harmonizing to Letter A ; Wyver ( 2008 ) presents obvious chances to travel and be active, and for kids to detect and prosecute with the natural environment, every bit good as the opportunity for unfastened ende d activities such as sand A ; H2O drama, building and feign drama. Harmonizing to Hutt et Al ( 1989, p.10 ) the emotional and societal development of pre-school kids depends crucially upon drama while Penn ( 2008 ) asserts that to larn about kid development is to larn about Piaget ( p.41 ) . As Piaget focused on how kids get cognition, he tried to understand how kids change the manner they think, how babes show intense reactions to external stimuli them ( Penn, 2008 ) . Ibid ( 2008 ) asserts that it was Piaget who provided a theoretical legitimating of larning through drama. In add-on, Berk ( 2009 ) , Keenan ( 2002 ) A ; Bruce ( 2004 ) are steadfast trusters that kids actively explore their environment and are influential in determining their ain cognition. They believe that it was through societal interaction with more experient and more knowing members of the society parents, relations, instructors, equals etc. that kids are able to get the cognition and accomplishments that a civilization deems to be of import Harmonizing to Bruce ( 2004 ) there is no clear definition for drama. It is still an umbrella universe ( Ibid, 1991 ) , while other early childhood practicians defined drama as child s work. Play is primary manner kids express their societal nature ( Strickland et al, 2003 ) . Ibid ( 2003 ) argued that all childs enjoy playing entirely some of the clip ; while some prefer to play with others ( societal drama ) much of the clip. Play is an built-in portion of larning. Piaget defined drama as a sort of scientific dry run ( Penn, 2008 ; p.43 ) . While Bitton ( 2010 ) stated that drama offers a meaningful context for kids and that it is merely when a state of affairs has significance and intent ED3000 0749364 that kids can work at a higher degree ( p.49 ) . Children s emotions are ways in which they react to state of affairss while societal development refers to how they get entirely with equals and organize relationships ( Ashiabi, 2007 ) . Furthermore, emotional and societal developments are linked because kids s societal interactions are normally emotionally charged ( Ibid, 2007 ) . To clearly research the function of out-of-door drama on societal, emotional and physical development. Strickland et Al ( 2003 ) asserts that out-of-door drama is critical to the societal development of 3-4 twelvemonth old kids, and to misss in peculiar when it comes to constructing self assurance ( p.2 ) . In add-on, kids learn to be more empathy and less egoistic through drama and they develop more accomplishments for get bying with struggle while male childs tend to prosecute in more societal dramatic outdoor drama than indoors ; outdoor play allows male childs who are more physical to presume leading functions ( Srickland, 2002 ) and possibly acquire more positive avowal than they do indoors. White ( 2007 ) confirmed that when given the pick, the out-of-doorss is where most kids want to be and playing out-of-doorss is preferred to indoors. In support of this statement, Eustice A ; Heald ( 1992 ) argued that out-of-door drama is an extension of schoolroom activities which summari ses the beliefs of early twelvemonth direction that kids learn best by researching, look intoing and work outing jobs out-of-doorss ( p.7 ) . While Alfano ( 2010 ) asserts that playing out-of-doorss is a signifier of exercising that promotes well-being and wholesome physical developments ; and that kids are of course drawn to active drama out-of-doorss. One of the obvious benefits of acquiring childs outside to play is the increased exercising they will be acquiring as opposed to puting in forepart of the T.V. or computing machine. Most early old ages bookmans have besides assert that when kids play out-of-doorss they are developing mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. This position is supported by Johnson et Al ( 2002 ) that kids gain tonss of chances outside to develop basic societal accomplishments and societal competences e.g. running, leaping cycling, fell and seek, sing ; detection, make noise, do muss, crawl, and research the natural universe unchallenged. While Brice ( 2004 ) viewed that through drama, kids develop inaugural and are strengthened to face challenges in life ( p.134 ) . More so, playing out-of-doorss reduces emphasis in childs. Children express and work out emotional facets of mundane experiences through unstructured drama ( Levesque. 2011 ) . Whilst Strickland ( 2002 ) argued that there are besides chances for emotional development as kids test their bound and challenge themselves to seek things that may be merely at the border of their range ED3000 0749364 Furthermore, most theoreticians found that make-believe drama out-of-doorss was the most dominant signifier of drama ( Bulton, 2002 ) . Possibly that s why theoreticians such as Piaget and Vygotsky assert that pretend drama provides kids with chances to pattern grown up and perspective speaking ( Ashiabi, 2007 ; p.2002 ) . Besides, in make-believe drama a kid is ever above his mean age ( Penn, 2008 ; p.44 ) and above their day-to-day behavior. In add-on, Wyver A ; Little ( 2008 ) asserts that drama besides facilitates linguistic communication development, originative thought and problem-solving ; and helps kids trade with complex and viing emotions. In position of the above statement, parents should let their kids play with other kids because it helps in the emotional and societal development. Although societal and emotional benefits of out-of-door drama may non be in clear cut, one benefit from research is that it allows childs to travel freely, make noise and self-express themselves in ways that many non be promoting inside. Outside drama encourages logical thought and the ability to ground through extremely synergistic activities such as constructing sand-castles, playing games with friends, playing mystifiers with friends etc. Time spent outdoors with equals helps to make societal accomplishments that are needed for great healthy friendly relationship ( Brouillette, 2010 ) . While Froebal cited by Bruce ( 2004 ) stated that drama is the highest degree of acquisition .activities of the kid ( p.132 ) . While Siraj-Blatchford et Al ( 2002 ) cited by Bruce ( 2004 ) shows that the richest drama is found particula rly in nursery schools. Harmonizing to Little A ; Wyver ( 2008 ) the significance of out-of-door drama as an indispensable portion of every kid s life has besides been acknowledged by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 31 supports a kid s right to rest and leisure, and to take part in drama and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the kid. There are other grounds why playing outdoor is of import for kids, harmonizing to Stewart ( 2010 ) when kids play outdoors, they are more likely to keep a healthy weight because they get the opportunity to fire off excess Calories by running, jumping, mounting, siting motorcycles, shouting etc. which can besides take to better slumber. Besides, the above exercising aid kids to develop little and big musculuss, strengthened castanetss, additions flexibleness, all right and gross motor accomplishments and improves their overall wellness ( Ibid, 2010 ) . In add-on, out-of-door drama is of import in early childhood because it helps in the physical development of the kid as ED3000 0749364 fleshiness is a common job among kids today ( Pillar, 2010 ) . Therefore, prosecuting in out-of-door drama helps in forestalling childhood fleshiness. More so, Vitamin D is indispensable for the tegument and can merely be derived by playing out-of-doorss as it is impossible to acquire an equal sum from nutrient and vitamins entirely. Geting childs outdoor increases the exposure to sun and their natural production of Vitamin D. In contrary to the above advantages of out-of-door drama, White ( 2007 ) argued that today it seems that the motive for kids s outdoor drama has declined because planetary society is really busy in its daily activities and over protected parents. Furthermore, many school age kids have excessively much prep after school, hence holding less clip for out-of-door drama. Whilst those without prep are excessively busy/lazy watching T.V, playing computing machine games, or pre-occupied chatting with friends online. Lastly, some parents are excessively busy with work and other activities ( watching T.V, Football, cooking ) to see to their kids s adequate outdoor drama. Some parents are so paranoid that every adult male outside the street with large glasses/spectacles is a deviant or pedophile waiting to assail or kidnap their kids as they play outdoors. Furthermore, societal and environmental factors have greatly impacted on kids s chances for out-of-doorss play. Little A ; Wyver ( 2008 ) asserts that where one time kids may hold spent clip playing in the street siting bike, playing trailing games, and conceal amp ; seek etc, increased traffic has made these countries and play chances off-limits for kids as the alterations are far excessively great. Childs are now confined to classroom, backyards or local Parkss for comparatively safe topographic points to play. Besides, Ibid ( 2008 ) stated that addition demand for lodging in many countries, peculiarly urban countries, is gnawing kids s drama land. Last, harmonizing to Johnson et Al ( 2005 ) supplying for out-of-door drama demands for kids is a complex and disputing undertaking. A assortment of factors must be considered, including the assorted drama demands of immature kids, supervising, safety etc. while many pedagogues, politicians, and parents believe out-of-door drama takes clip off from academic activities ; as a consequence, deferral and physical instruction in many schools is limited or wholly eradicated ( Sutterby A ; Frost, 2002 cited by Johnson et Al, 2005 ) . Word Counts: 1,613

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Free Essays on Ferris Bueler And Todays Adolescent

The movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off deals with a 17 year old and his friends skipping school for a day and trying not to get caught. In this paper I plan to explain how the movie reflects real life teenagers by showing some of the problem they may face. I will also emphasize on the free spirit of teens and also their tendency to rebel. I will explain how the film deals with the subject of childhood. I will also note the reflection it makes on our society and the basic assumptions it makes about teenagers. I have chosen the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because it deals with childhood at the last possible stage, and that is the stage that I remember most†¦ high school! Overall this film gives a pretty accurate depiction of a typical teen, although at times it was a little exaggerated. The movie is about a high school senior, Ferris Bueller, who decides to skip school and head into the city for the day. If he gets caught he will not be able to graduate and he has brought his best friend Cameron and his girlfriend Sloane along for the ride. Overall the film shows what kind of fun and trouble a high school student is capable of getting into. This movie shows a pretty accurate description of what an American teen goes through on any typical day. First of all it shows the free spirit that many teenagers have. Ferris and his friends are free spirited and just going out to have fun. They are ditching school for the day and that is an example of a teenager’s tendency to rebel against authority. The bad guy in this movie is Principle Roony. It is fitting that the number one enemy of a student skipping school is his principle. This movie does a good job at pointing out a teenager’s tendency to rebel and strive for personal freedom. This movie also shows many things that a child will go through as they get ready to enter adulthood. These things are dealing with friendships, love, parents, future decisions and so on. I will now give so... Free Essays on Ferris Bueler And Todays Adolescent Free Essays on Ferris Bueler And Todays Adolescent The movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off deals with a 17 year old and his friends skipping school for a day and trying not to get caught. In this paper I plan to explain how the movie reflects real life teenagers by showing some of the problem they may face. I will also emphasize on the free spirit of teens and also their tendency to rebel. I will explain how the film deals with the subject of childhood. I will also note the reflection it makes on our society and the basic assumptions it makes about teenagers. I have chosen the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because it deals with childhood at the last possible stage, and that is the stage that I remember most†¦ high school! Overall this film gives a pretty accurate depiction of a typical teen, although at times it was a little exaggerated. The movie is about a high school senior, Ferris Bueller, who decides to skip school and head into the city for the day. If he gets caught he will not be able to graduate and he has brought his best friend Cameron and his girlfriend Sloane along for the ride. Overall the film shows what kind of fun and trouble a high school student is capable of getting into. This movie shows a pretty accurate description of what an American teen goes through on any typical day. First of all it shows the free spirit that many teenagers have. Ferris and his friends are free spirited and just going out to have fun. They are ditching school for the day and that is an example of a teenager’s tendency to rebel against authority. The bad guy in this movie is Principle Roony. It is fitting that the number one enemy of a student skipping school is his principle. This movie does a good job at pointing out a teenager’s tendency to rebel and strive for personal freedom. This movie also shows many things that a child will go through as they get ready to enter adulthood. These things are dealing with friendships, love, parents, future decisions and so on. I will now give so...

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Exports are good for the U.S. economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Exports are good for the U.S. economy - Essay Example In 2010, exports employed approximately 10 million people. It is clear that export is a source of employment. Creation of employment reduces the dependency ratio. Most people get employed thus able to earn a living. To the government, the money that would have been used to feed the unemployed population is reduced and utilized in other sectors such as health care. It ensures a good health of workers (Brux, 298). Secondly, in the US, firms that export their products are motivated to improve the quality of their products by high-income levels. The companies expand and employ more workers. When these companies are motivated to produce more, the US government earns more in terms of taxes. The amount earned indirectly from the exports contributes to the government’s growth domestic product. The money will in turn boost the government’s economy (Palmer). According to the US statistics, jobs that are export-intensive pay well. Huge salaries have enabled individuals to live an extravagant life. On similar lines, the US government benefits from these huge taxes from these huge salaries. It is clear that the higher the individual’s income, the higher the amount of tax levied. The huge taxes collected contribute to the government revenue thus used in the development (McEachern, 523). The fact that the US is known to export quality goods and services, many people believe that it is due to high skilled labor force and nearness to the raw materials. For this reason, it has called for direct investors who propose on setting up firms in the US. The firms create employment for the jobless but skilled individuals. More so, it results in the development of infrastructure such as road. In addition, the government maximizes its revenue by taxing these foreign direct investors (Turco and Maggioni 4). In summary, all countries should appreciate the exporting processes. More so they should ensure that exports exceed imports for the country’s economy to

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Video Observation and Reflection Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Video Observation and Reflection - Movie Review Example She explains that it is vital they work in that manner because the girls may not participate well when they partner with the boys. Completing the task required that the students partner so that they share and discuss how the connections worked. They also managed to walk around and ask the other students how they managed to work on their experiments successfully (Completing the Circuit: A Conversation About Teaching, 1999). Engagement Questionnaires were given to the students by Ms. Block to allow her know about the encounters of students with electricity. Posters about various uses of electricity and the applications were made by the students. Engagement can spring from two different conditions: experience and dialogue (Bilica, 2007). Experience has been used by Ms. Block through the classroom experiments she has administered. The students in the learning have been assigned the duty of carrying out experiments using the materials they have been given and making precise observations a bout the circuits. Through dialogue, the students purposefully discuss the unit content with their experiences in relation. They write down the class notes and the discussion details. The students thus become the creators and users of knowledge and not passively the recipients of it. Communication Ms. Block herself allowed the students to talk about their observations. This she does by first taking them through the step-by-step process of discussing with them the things she will look for during the learning session. She asks the students questions regarding what their thoughts about sharing and working in groups. It is a process of question asking and letting the students give out their thoughts on the topic (Bilica, 2007). Ms. Block explains that she will be interested in the way the students will be sharing the materials she will give out. Additionally, she will be interested in how the students themselves will share with others the observations and ideas as the experiments contin ues. While giving out the instructions on how the discussions and experiments should be carried out, Ms. Block was standing in front of the class. The students communicated with each other by: 1. Discussing with their individual partners about the connection details and the observations. 2. Moving from their individual groups to other tables to check, ask and help others on their experiments. 3. Giving out their observations to the whole class as they answered the questions asked by the instructor later on when they had finished different phases of the experiment. Direct instruction Ms. Block directly instructed the students about what she looked for during the lesson. She explained-before she gave out the materials for the experiment-that the students will work in groups. The atmosphere in the classroom The groups had different encounters and views during the experiments. This helped to bring out seriousness and involvement in the learning environment (Barton & Haydn, 2006). Studen ts could reveal their excitements when their connections were a success. Others, however, could be seen to be a bit nervous considering that they had difficulties completing their circuits. Ms. Block did her best by also engaging in the experiment process by checking on the groups that were not working out their connections properly. The classroom atmosphere was fun, and the students mood was jovial. We could finally say that the classroom